Diversity Committee

Department of Mathematics Graduate Students
Texas A&M University


About Us


To assist Texas A&M’s mathematical community with embracing diversity and increasing awareness.


  • To create a network for proponents of diversity and inclusion
  • To provide a support system for mathematicians and students of underrepresented groups
  • To empower, support, and increase the visibility of marginalized communities
  • To educate ourselves and others on topics related to diversity and allyship, with a focus on diversity in the classroom
  • To facilitate inclusive, supportive discussions with, as far as it is possible, representations from underrepresented groups


We host monthly Diversity Book Club, Movie Nights, and a large event each semester (including panels, round table discussions, and more!). Check our events calendar!

Book Club

Meeting dates and readings
August 27: Rehumanizing Mathematics
September 24: Whistling Vivaldi (Chapter 2 part 6, Chapter 3 part 4, Chapter 9 part 1, Chapter 11)
October 29: Beyond the Gender Binary
November 24: Toward inclusive mathematics education: a metatheoretical reflection about countering ableism in mathematics standards and curriculum and Dis/Ability and Mathematics: Theorizing the Research Divide between Special Education and Mathematics
We recommend going through the linked readings before the meetings.

Movie Nights

Discussion on The Imitation Game
Thursday, November 12th, 8:00 PM CT

Panels, Discussions, and more!

How (and Why) to Write a Diversity Statement
Wednesday, October 7th, 4:00 PM CDT


Resources Offering Support

Student Assistance Services
  • Silver Taps/student death
  • Consultation regarding withdrawal from school
  • Assistance in coordinating family needs, in the event of an emergency
  • Transition issues
  • General consultation- University rules, process, faculty concern
Health Promotion
  • Recovery Services
  • UPD Women’s Self-Defense Classes
Women’s Resource Center
  • Pregnant and parenting initiatives
LGBTQ+ Pride Center
  • Education Presentations
  • One on One meetings with students
  • Social Programs
  • Lavender Graduation Celebration
  • The Coming Out Monologue
  • Houston Pride
Counseling and Psychological Services Department of Civil Rights & Equity Investigations
  • Title IX Investigation
Sexual Assault Resource Center:
  • Crisis Services
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Education & Outreach
Twin City Mission Phoebe’s Home
  • The Doug Weedon Shelter for Hope
  • The Community Closet
  • The Community Cafe
  • Rapid Re-Housing Program
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Universal Child Abuse Prevention (U.C.A.P)
  • Donation & Resale Services

Career and Networking Resources

Student Assistance Services
  • Referrals/resource connections – personal, academic, community
Women’s Resource Center
  • Salary negotiation workshops
  • Pregnant and parenting initiatives
  • International Women’s Day Conference
  • Elect Her: Aggie Women Win conference
  • First Thursday
Writing a Diversity Statement Salary Negotiation National/Global Underrepresented Mathematical Communities

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